I think my head is going to explode of too much analyzation happening. I bet my neurons are having a debate or having war and killing each other. Why is it so hard? Or it is all in my mind? But I’m turning into a panda and it feels like floating in the air coz i had few sleeps in the entire week. Oh heavens! I can do this ! For the goal of seeing the 4 letters before my name. No one is giving up. 


Keep fighting

It is easy to dream your dream 
But the path is not that easy to take

Stones are raining in all directions 

It is hard to dodge so you endure the pain

As the sun fades you lost the fire in you 

The tiny fire that keeps you moving

Drowning in your thoughts 

You forget to breathe

Doubting your ability 

You forget you exist

But  that’s all part of the great art 

Of life 

So.. i’ll just keep fighting 


Today, i decided to set aside my want for somebody’s need. It felt so good that i’m able to help. I realized that sometimes we mustn’t focus on ourselves only. Yes, we have our own problems to take care of and worrying about other’s problem is an extra load for me to carry. I have got my own situations too but i realized that i don’t want to live my life like that. As they said is ” Life is too short to wake up with regrets”.


Accepting your mistake doesn’t lessen your value as a person. Mistakes are beneficial  to ones growth. It lets you discover your character in the process. It lets you open so many doors that leads to various perspectives and principles for you to ponder on. But without acceptance and learning from your mistakes. The negative word will remain as it is.


This was a dream that i had months ago? I forgot when, but yeah i dreamed about waking in a dream. The thing is that it felt so reeeeaaaal. I slowly opened my eyes.. then i saw a a blurry image of a person(stranger to me) staring at me shocked to see me awake. Like i had been in coma for years XD. Sun light fills the room. The vibe of the place was so warm. It was like home. but in a split seconds i returned to reality then I forgot her face. I had the same feeling years ago in my dream too. But it was another story. Sometimes i can’t help imagining things like parallel dimensions. 

What if this was only a dream? Then we’ll going to wake up in another dream and that dream will remain as a dream forgotten… like we’re beautifully trapped with these in a mystery. 

Prpl me

You can see me watching the hues paint the sky

with a sketchpad on my hand

i drew a circle…


Hi! everyone! I’m happy that i finally decided to start a blog here. I was skeptical to start because of my class schedule and school stuffs but my hearts tells me so to try.. so i’m here. I hope that i can touch hearts here through this blog with my prplspecs 🙂 #seetheunseen